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A Fundamentally Different Kind of Agency

We’re not a conventional or direct marketing agency that has suddenly decided to morph into digital because we’ve seen the writing on the wall. In fact, we don’t dip our toes into traditional media outside of helping you activate them via a sensible digital integration that makes passive advertising highly interactive. At its heart, Digital Fusion is a pure digital marketing agency and our roots are firmly planted in the world of digital CRM. We were created and based around the idea that there was a more efficient and measurable way to market to consumers. We stay true to that using our unique data driven approach to digital marketing. We also don’t want to do things the way they’ve always been done and are constantly challenging our clients to think in new and different ways. Most importantly, we believe strongly in measuring everything that we do and holding ourselves accountable for those results.   

The Recipe

We do this by harnessing your customers' preferences, behavioral and transactional data and using it to create true 1:1 journeys that are unique to each and every consumer. We also help our clients create ROI focused digital strategies based on continuous measurement, testing and optimization. Our end game is to help our brands create consistent and personal experiences across all key digital touch-points.   By creating a data centric approach to personalization, we are able to deliver far more engaging experiences that consistently drive higher ROI, which in turn helps our clients create competitive advantage.

It Takes Two

Our team compliments your team to create results. As one of Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Platinum Partners, we understand great technology without the right strategy and people implementing it doesn’t work. We also know that customer data is the fuel that drives exceptional results. That’s why our team is hand selected to ensure everyone at Digital Fusion is not only a great fit for the company culture and vision, but is steeped with digital experience and understands which channels and tools are appropriate to reach a given segment or demographic.

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