Mike Ricci

Chief Marketing Officer

Mike brings a wealth of digital experience to the table for clients he serves. Over the course of his career, he has architected innovative and award winning digital programs for some of the biggest brands on the planet including stalwarts like Coca Cola, EBay, Microsoft, Orbitz, Reebok, Nike, Obama 2008, ABC (The Oscars), CBS, Disney, Discovery and Reuters. Prior to joining Digital Fusion, Mike was CMO of NGage Labs and helped launch an innovative mobile personalization platform that revolutionized how brands could present personalized offers to consumers. Prior to that, Mike served as VP of Digital and Product Marketing for Webtrends where he helped reinvent the company’s digital marketing programs while overseeing the mobile analytics and data visualization business units. Before that, he served as one of Merkle’s primary digital architects and headed up the company’s emerging mobile marketing practice.

Outside of work, Mike is a passionate backcountry skier, mountain biker and whitewater paddler. He adores the Colorado high country and spends his spare time exploring the high peaks, rivers and peaceful mountain serenity that drew him to the State in the first place.

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