Email Continues to Carry the Digital Payload

Email Continues to Carry the Digital PayloadWith so much focus being placed on all the shiny new toys in the digital marketing arsenal, it's often times easy to overlook the importance of the email channel.To helpput this in context, there's a host of statistics that really begin to underscore how essential it is to perfect your communications in t...
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Peering Into the Future: Salesforce Commerce Cloud and 1:1 Customer Journeys

‚ÄčThe announcement that Salesforce acquired Demandware was hardly a surprise to anyone at Digital Fusion. (see - ago, we understood and planned for Marc Benioff's cloud vision. It was crystal clear to us that Salesforce would eventually embr...
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Is the Work Horse of Digital Marketing Dead?

Enter With all the focus on mobile, social, programmatic display and SEO/SEM, many in the media have spoken about the demise of email marketing and helped carve out its tombstone. In reality, email marketing is far from dead and remains the workhorse of top performing digital marketing programs.

If there were any doubts about this, a quick read from our friends at Litmus are worthwhile: 

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How A Thanksgiving Game of Cards Against Humanity Made Me Think About Better Marketing

If you haven't played it by now, you're missing out on the awkward and hilarious card game essential for any family holiday. In their own words, Cards Against Humanity is a "party game for horrible people". "The game is simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a black card, and everyone else answers with their funniest white card." My y...
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Fusing A Solid Customer Experience for Holiday Digital Gift Card Promotions

The holidays are coming. More specifically, the biggest shopping days of the year and the newly deemed Mobile Monday are fast approaching. After setting a record for the largest online shopping day in US ever last year, we predict the mobile shopping trend to continue in 2015.When we say, "mobile," we aren't just talking about brands enabling consu...
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