• We guide your customer through the online process taking advantage of every tool to encourage sales and results.

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Building a thriving eCommerce program is not a “Field of Dreams” proposition. Brands quickly discover that “build it and they will come” is not a solid strategy or recipe for success, but rather a prescription for failure. From the moment that your customer begins searching for a product or service until the time they land on your site, there are abundant opportunities to optimize and enhance the customers digital journey and to insure that you’re not simply left with an abandoned shopping cart and a boat load of good intentions.

At Digital Fusion, we understand the complexity of this journey and how best to optimize it. Our focus is on using a broad array of digital touchpoints (search, email, display, retargeting, digital wallet, mobile, social and website) to guide and optimize your customer’s engagement with your brand. Our comprehensive approach seeks simplify this digital journey, enhance it and make it as simple as possible for your customer to convert once they make the decision to buy. We help our retail brands create customized digital strategies all focused around driving tangible growth in your top and bottom lines by growing site traffic and simplifying the consumers experience so that they convert.

Our Services

  • Digital Journey Audit and Roadmap
  • Website Testing and Optimization
  • User Experience Analysis and Design
  • Real Time Abandon Cart ReTargeting
  • OnLine Ordering
  • Store Locator and Store Listing Management
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Mobile Commerce Solutions
  • Digital Wallet Offers
  • Mobile Coupon and Mobile Payment Solutions

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