Our Process

Outperform Your Competition

Years of practical experience have taught us that there’s a sensible way for brands to evolve into digital marketing. It rarely happens on an overnight basis, and it involves breaking down data silos and getting this vital information into a place where it becomes actionable and can be used to personalize a customer’s journey with that brand. Done correctly, this approach requires that we consolidate key data sources into an actionable marketing cloud environment so that it can be harnessed to fuel segmentation and personalization. We also know from experience that this rarely happens quickly so we outline the process in a proven 3 Phase Roadmap that seeks to harness data to evolve your digital programs and drive towards a truly personalized 1:1 customer experience across all key digital touch points.

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Phase One

Research/Performance Benchmarking

We get to know our clients by auditing their customer’s digital journey, asking those probing questions that seek to understand customer personas and get to the root of your business objectives. We also seek to understand the maturity of their analytics programs and then benchmark performance.

Phase Two

Strategy Creation/Measurement

Together, we create a roadmap that understands that digital is an evolution --- not a revolution. We then identify KPIs that help us measure performance, establish business goals and develop a comprehensive digital strategy that works in perfect harmony with the clients overall marketing strategy. Finally, together with our clients we define how ROI will be measured so that all parties are clear on this critical metric.

Phase Three


Building on that roadmap, we design and implement integrated and customized email, paid media, social and mobile marketing tactics in order to achieve your business objectives.

Phase Four

Analysis, Results and Optimization

During the campaign and post-campaign we measure, test, analyze and use the learning to optimize the next campaigns and drive performance enhancements . We focus on key metrics and campaign results to understand what worked, what didn’t, and how to improve on our results for the next time. Or, as we like to say: Execute, Test, Measure and Optimize; then rinse and repeat this cycle.