Village Inn Digital Marketing Strategy

Village Inn - Mother's Day


Village Inn wanted to celebrate Mother’s Day while driving sales by promoting gift cards. With the opportunity for customers to buy a $25 card and receive two $5 bonus cards, we worked on setting goals for the campaign. We wanted to:

  • Drive sales of gift cards
  • Encourage high level clicks and interaction
  • Reach more than 500,000 impressions.

Our Approach

We started with by using Google AdNetwork & retargeted display ads as well as Facebook ads to target our ideal customers. Then, we conducted one email send to participating locations. To reach the appropriate audiences, we also targeted existing Facebook fans within targeted zip codes near restaurant locations. We then targeted users with interest in Uber, Instagram, Lyft, Amazon, and other apps and websites used heavily by 18-35 year olds.


- Four-figure percentage increase in sales year over year

- 27% conversion rate.

- Drove clicks from display and social ads as well as unique email clicks while averaging an impressive click-‐through rate at a low cost per click rate.


Tags: Restaurants