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Fractional CMO Services

As a marketer, you know the difference between a new channel that has enormous promise and can provide your bottom line with an enormous uptick and an opportunity that’s simply the latest and greatest shiny new penny. But what you may need a little help on is how to take that promise and turn it into a reality.

Full Service Performance Campaign Execution

Finally, many of our clients entrust us with campaign execution as well.   Often times, this is a more cost effective option than hiring costly resources to run and maintain these systems and we operate as an extension of the brands’ marketing team.   Unlike many agency partners, we have a unique approach.  First, we look to benchmark current state and align around the program metrics/KPIs that are critical to gauging true performance of these mediums.   Second, we attempt to define an ROI metric that helps us guage true ROI for any program that we’re going to manage.  Next, together with the brand we attempt to establish some performance related objectives and insure that the right analytics are in place to track these metrics.  Finally, we establish a strategy and roadmap that aligns all tactical execution against these objectives so that we’re all clear on where we’re going and how we will get there.    And then, we are obsessive about raising the bar and driving greater ROI.

Strategic Consulting/Digital Audits

Enter Digital Fusion. As one of the country’s leading digital agencies, we help deliver on that promise. We get to know our clients by undertaking a comprehensive digital audit and living their customers’ digital journey.  We then ask probing questions that get to the root of what you’re trying to do, what your business objectives truly are and what you’ve done before that either worked or failed to. We then take those answers, identify opportunities to enhance your programs and design a customized integrated marketing strategy that is focused around measurement, testing and program optimization. From there, we implement these key strategies into tactical initiatives that are tailored to your brand voice and focused on when and where your customers are.

Data Migration, Cloud & API Integrations

Likewise, we are often times called upon to help marketers integrate various cloud initiatives (Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud) together with key systems of record (CRM, eCommerce, Point-of-Sale platforms, loyalty platforms, analytics platforms, social platforms, etc.) so that marketers can successfully break down data silos and begin to leverage this data to create true 1:1 marketing.  Our technical team has been entrusted with some pretty complex application programming interface (API) integrations and have also identified more cost effective ways of getting data from one system to another.

Cloud Connector

Tired of paying a fortune to develop custom API connections or automations that are expensive to maintain and subject to failure when platform providers change their APIs?  We have a better approach and one that is specifically designed to connect various cloud architectures with each other.   Our solution alleviates all the complexity that is normally associated with building successful connections to get mission critical data from one platform or environment to another.    Cloud Connector is adept at integrating your Marketing Cloud with eCom environments, loyalty platforms, CRM databases and a host of other potential clouds or data silos.  We handle all the programmatic details and execute error checking and insure that all the hard work is taken off the shoulders of your precious IT team resources.